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SEPTEMBER CUISINES Swaziland at 48 – A Quick Look at its Cuisine

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Swaziland quietly turned a year older on 6th September. The southern Africa kingdom has a rich, traditional cuisine. The country’s main culinary offerings are:


Sishwala: Thick porridge normally served with meat or vegetables

Incwancwa: Sour porridge made of fermented cornmeal

Sitfubi: Fresh milk cooked and mixed with cornmeal

Siphuphe setindlubu: Thick porridge made of mashed ground nuts

Emasi etinkhobe temmbila: Ground corn mixed with sour milk

Emasi emabele: Ground sorghum mixed with sour milk

Sidvudvu: Porridge made of pumpkin mixed with cornmeal

Umncweba: Dried uncooked meat

Umkhunsu: Cooked and dried meat

Siphuphe semabhontjisi: Thick porridge made of mashed beans

Tinkhobe: Boiled whole maize

Umbidvo wetintsanga: Cooked pumpkin tops (leaves) mixed with groundnuts

Emahewu: meal drink made from fermented thin porridge

Umcombotsi: Traditional brewed beer in Siswati is called ‘Tjwala’

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