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Importing Food into the UK? Know the Rules

Egusi from Sierra Leone: Import restricted due to high presence of Aflatoxins


Egusi from Sierra Leone: Import restricted due to high presence of Aflatoxins Click to Tweet
The EU is an attractive market for food exports from around the world. This demand is boosted by European appetite for foreign tastes but equally by a thriving immigrant population. Many exporters into Europe follow the rules on quality and traceability but sometimes inappropriate methods and deviation from standards compromises the quality of products and may present safety risks that are unacceptable within EU requirements.

National governments in the EU act on behalf of the EU to advertise the restrictions to importation of ‘banned’ foods.


Watermelon (Egusi, Citrullus lanatus) seeds and derived products

ex 1207 70 00 10
ex 1106 30 90 30

ex 2008 99 99 50


Feed and food:

Groundnuts (peanuts), in shell Groundnuts (peanuts), shelled Peanut butter

Groundnuts (peanuts), otherwise prepared or preserved

1202 41 00 1202 42 00 2008 11 10

2008 11 91 2008 11 96 2008 11 98



Above is an extract from the list of current EU restrictions on food items from around the world. If you are thinking of importing food into the EU, make yourself familiar with the rules by visiting the page at:

Otherwise, if you need any help, find an adviser to guide you. Our Business Support consultants are also on hand to assist you. Please contact us via email

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