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Greens in Peanut Sauce – A Central and Southern Africa Delicacy

Zambia’s version of the Greens in Peanut Sauce found all over Central and Southern Africa, Ifisashi, is usually a vegetarian greens and peanuts dish. However, meat can be added if any is handy. Ifisashi is usually served with Nshima, a sort of cornmeal dumpling or mush.

What you need!

-one to two cups raw peanuts, shelled and skins removed
-two tomatoes, peeled and chopped
-one onion, chopped
-two or three pounds of collard greens, pumpkin leaves, sweet potato leaves (or similar), or spinach; stems removed, washed, rinsed, and chopped
-salt (to taste)
-cooked cabbage (optional)
-leftover cooked beef, chicken, or fish (optional)

How to do it!

-Grind, chop, or pound peanuts into a fine powder. (Or you can start with natural, sugar-free peanut butter.)
-Bring a few cups of water to a boil in a large pot. -Add the peanuts, tomatoes, and onion. Cook on high heat for several minutes, stirring oven.
-Reduce heat to medium. Stir in greens. Add salt. -Cover. Cook for 15 minutes to an hour, stirring occasionally. (Cooking time varies by type of greens used.)
-Add water if mixture becomes dry and starts to scorch.
-Continue cooking until greens and peanuts are reduced to a thick sauce.
-Adjust seasoning and add optional ingredients. Serve hot.

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