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Home » Events » Food Lecture: “Let Them Eat Stuffed Peppers”: An Argument of Images on the role of Food in Understanding Neoliberal Austerity in Greece

This event held in London at the SOAS Food Studies Centre and Centres and Programmes Office andwas co-sponsored by Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies.

The lecturer was David Sutton, a professor of Anthropology with interest in Food at the University of Southern Illinois. He is a well respected scholar in this field. The hall was full to capacity and the audience was enthused with the very impressive context of food and imagery presented by Professor Sutton.

A Q&A session followed afterwards. Professor Harry West closed the session with a summary of the discussions and then invited everyone to a drinks reception to close the evening. There was a lot of animated discussions and the gathered assembly of ‘food-talkers’ seemed to have had a terrific time.

The Centre hosts similar events regulary. If you’re interested in in joining up with people with an extraordinary passion in Food studies, please contact as follows:

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