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Cynthia Akinsanya’s Cupcakes – A Delightful Taste of Africa

Delights by Cynthia create cakes and cupcakes for weddings, celebrations, major events, gifts, or just for your personal indulgence.


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Delights by Cynthia have created these African themed cupcakes as part of a collection. Theses incredible but edible cupcakes celebrate African arts and crafts – textiles, sculpture, beading and of course, nature.

The African themed cupcakes are not only a delight to the eyes, but they taste delicious too. The flavours available are from Delights by Cynthia owner, Cynthia Akinsanya’s African store cupboard.

Cynthia Akinsanya created this collection to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to her West African heritage. Her family is from Sierra Leone.

...cupcakes are decorated with edible beading, sculpture and iconic African shapes and symbols...

…cupcakes are decorated with edible beading, sculpture and iconic African shapes and symbols…

Cynthia Akinsanya says:

“These cupcakes are definitely pleasing to the eye and will delight your taste buds too. I have such a rich and delicious heritage that continues to inspire my creations.

As a continent, Africa is rich in resources in terms of delicious ingredients, coconuts, citrus fruits, bananas and nuts.  Some of the best coffee comes from Ethiopia; let’s not forget that chocolate is made from cocoa, usually from Ghana or Ivory Coast. Even home favourites like Milo and plantain chips can be incorporated into recipes to give a modern African twist.”

The cupcakes are decorated with edible beading, sculpture and iconic African shapes and symbols; which is right on trend.

“The trend for all things Africans is driven by Africans or people of African descent. We are putting our own stamp on food, fashion, music and the arts.  It’s exciting to see.”

Order a dozen (£36), a pack of (£18) or a single cupcake (£3.50), for your personal pleasure…you’re bound to be left desiring more.

Join Cynthia for Cupcakes – A Taste of Africa, a half-day cake decorating class, during Black History Month. The class will look at tastes and flavours of Africa, then decorating your own collection of African inspired cupcakes.

To view the Delights by Cynthia cake collection, go to:

For information on the African Cupcake Class go to:

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