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AfrikFood Spices Up the Milton Keynes summer

AfrikFood's owners cook up a massive menu

AfrikFood’s owners cook up a massive menu

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Milton Keynes City centre has been having a huge summer of African food since the duo of Alice and Ritchie set up a pop-up canteen in the intu MK shopping arcade.

The duo, from nearby Buckingham run an African food delivery business, AfrikFood Delivery. Their cuisine draws on the variety of what is called African cuisine, picking up ingredients and recipes across the Afr0-Carribean culinary milieu. Alice says “I have lived on five different countries and experimented with different components of Africa’s cuisine. You have to be adaptable.” Her culinary philosophy centres on giving invitation to all people to enjoy Africa’s flavours. Ritchie offers further insight suggesting that it is important for African food to have a fresh presentation with twists and tastes open to a wider palate. One of the key concerns was the importance of finance for African food businesses as a way of building capacity for stability and expansion.

It was a sunny afternoon, and the crowds gathered to take a bite out of AfrikFood’s offerings. As the next order was made, someone whispered that the Ghanaian Jollof rice was better than the Nigerian Jollof Rice. We made our escape. That debate is one for another day.

AfrikFood are at into Milton Keynes until 5 September 2016.; Tel 07726 956 882

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