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The Diaspora Africa economy is responsible for repatriating more than US$60bn to African countries. This amount outstrips the total volume of Aid money provided by foreign donors. This is a testament to a vibrant African diaspora connected in many ways to African goods and services.

Apart from the resident Diaspora, a huge number of Africans travel regularly between their home countries and different parts of the world. One thing they always want: African food and drink. Not only do they want to eat and enjoy the best  of Africa’s food and drink in the Diaspora, they also want to share this pleasure with their friends who may not be Africans. African Cuisine Magazine is the platform that connects all these parts of the African food and drink jigsaw.

African Cuisine Magazine is distributed free of charge.

It is an A4 publication, full-colour, formatted in PDF. The magazine is emailed to subscribers and made available on www.africancuisinemagazine.com. It offers a range of opportunities to suit every advertising budget and message.


Advertisers and partners can also reach a wide ranging audience of consumers in the lifestyle and entertainment segment within resident Diaspora communities around the world. We also provide access to the mobile Diaspora citizen propelled by a huge of amount of travel  between African and the major metropolitan hubs of the Diaspora like London, Paris, Brussels, Atlanta, Toronto and Rotterdam.  Part of the experience is discovering African food and drink in Europe, America and other parts of the globe. Therefore, African Cuisine Magazine is an invaluable tool for companies desiring to promote their products and services in this way.

The readership also includes a virile primary audience comprising hundreds of company directors and managers at several levels in the private sector and public sector officials with oversight responsibility for different aspects of the African food and drink sector in the Diaspora and in Africa.

African Cuisine Magazine has an international audience across the African Diaspora with outreach to governments on the African continent through contact with African diplomatic and consular missions in the Diaspora.


The magazine is published twelve times a year, in ten issues, available on-line and also printed as special editions and specialist publications at other times of the year. This provides our partners with additional promotional and sponsorship opportunities.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising.

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